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Public Advisories

Hearing & Vision Program Changes

Due to unforeseen circumstances (limited funding and staff), we have postponed school based hearing and vision screens until further notice. If your child is due for a hearing or vision screening, please call our office at (231) 724-1394 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 10:30 am and 12:15 and 4:30 pm. If you have questions, please email h&v@co.muskegon.mi.us.


Influenza Activity

We receive weekly reports of how many children are out sick from school or daycare with flu-like illness as well as reports of confirmed cases of flu. If you haven't received a flu vaccination yet, vaccine is still available. Visit your doctor's office, pharmacy or call our office at 724-1220.


Enterovirus D68

Michigan, along with most other states, has seen an increase in severe respiratory illness in children caused by Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). Enteroviruses are very common viruses; there are more than 100 types. Symptoms of EV-D68 infection can include wheezing, difficulty breathing, fever and racing heart rate. Most people infected with enteroviruses have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, but some infections can be serious requiring hospitalization.


Enteroviruses are transmitted through close contact with an infected person, or by touching objects or surfaces that are contaminated with the virus and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes. There is no specific treatment for EV-D68 infections but supportive care can be provided.


Young residents with asthma may be at an increased risk of severe complications and are encouraged to be vigilant in taking their asthma controlling medications. Further, Michiganders can protect themselves from enterovirus by taking general hygiene precautions:


  • Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing cups or eating utensils with people who are sick.
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, especially if someone is sick.


Lead Hazard Reduction Program Has Moved

The Lead Hazard Reduction Program has moved. It is now located in the Muskegon County Treasurer's Office at 173 E Apple Ave in Muskegon. You can still reach the program by calling (231) 724-1259.


Restaurant Inspection Results

You can check on how your favorite restaurants are doing with their inspections by visiting our inspection results page. Every licensed restaurant is inspected at least twice a year. Those with ongoing issues are listed in our enforcement actions report which is updated monthly. For grocery store and other retailer inspection results, visit https://secure1.state.mi.us/misafe/Default.aspx.


Take the Stairs

Numerous agencies and organizations are working together in West Michigan to promote taking the stairs. Choosing the stairs is a simple way to add physical activity to your day and it saves on energy costs to run expensive elevators. Plus, it saves space in elevators for those who truly need them.


FREE color signs are available for use in West Michigan buildings with elevators. The durable signs can be mounted on walls near elevator call buttons, in waiting areas, by stair doors or other visually prominent locations. In Muskegon County, the signs can be picked up at United Way of the Lakeshore or the Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce while supplies last. For more information visit  http://ow.ly/mOa1U  or email us.


2014 County Health Rankings

The annual County Health Rankings measure vital health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income, and teen births in nearly every county in America. The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play. They provide a starting point for change in communities. For a poster displaying Muskegon County's ranking compared to surrounding counties, visit our Statistics page.


Local Public Health Accreditation

Public Health - Muskegon County was awarded accredited status! The accreditation process assures and enhances the quality of local public health in Michigan by identifying and promoting the implementation of public health standards for local public health departments, and evaluating and accrediting local health departments on their ability to meet these standards.


Take a look at our results report, letter of congratulations, certificates of achievement, presentation notes delivered to the Board of Commissioners by Mark Miller, Director of Local Public Health Services for the MIchigan Department of Community Health. Learn more about local public health accreditation at www.accreditation.localhealth.net.


Food and Product Recalls

For information on food recalls, please visit foodsafety.gov. For product recalls, visit cpsc.gov.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Help us improve our service. If you've been to the public health department lately, please let us know about your experience by filling out our customer satisfaction survey.