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Algae - Blue Green

Algae - Cladophora

Amphibians and Reptiles and Handwashing

Animal Bites

Animal Exhibits and Handwashing

B (Top)  


Beach Safety

Bed Bugs

Blue Green Algae

Boating Safety

Body Art Facility Licensing

Breastfeeding Support

C (Top)  

Chlamydia & Gonorrhea in Muskegon County

Clean Indoor Air Regulation

Cottage Food Law

D (Top)  

Dental Care Resources

Dog Bite, Reporting

E (Top)  

Eat Safe Fish

Eating Healthy

Emergency Preparedness


F (Top)  

Fish Consumption Guide

Flu Vaccinations

Food Establishment Licensing Procedures

Food Poisoning, How to Report

Food Safety

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H (Top)  

Head Lice

Hepatitis C in Muskegon County

Housing Complaints

I (Top)  

Influenza - Vaccinations

J (Top)  
Job Openings  
K (Top)  
L (Top)  

Laws, Public Health

Lead Poisoning


Lyme Disease

M (Top)  

Medication and Sharps Disposal

Mercury - Spills & Safe Disposal

Michigan Modified Food Code

Michigan Smoke Free Air Law


N (Top)  


Nutrition - Education Online (WIC)

O (Top)  
Oral Health  
P (Top)  

Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol)


Pier Safety

Piercing - Body Art

Pregnancy Testing

Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse

Prescription Drug Assistance

Project FRESH

Q (Top)  
R (Top)  


Rabies and Bats

Recycling in Muskegon County

Restaurant Complaint

S (Top)  

Salmonella and Baby Poultry

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Response Program

Smoking Bans in Workplaces

Smoke Free Apartments

Swimmer's Itch (CDC)

Swimmer's Itch Fact Sheet

Synthetic Drugs

T (Top)  

Tattoo - Body Art

Ticks and Your Health (MDHHS)

Tobacco Related Activities & Services

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V (Top)  
W (Top)  

Water Safety

West Nile Virus

Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Workplace Smoking Bans

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