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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Public health professionals are faced with the challenge of finding ways to maintain the progress made towards improving public health while at the same time addressing new, and sometimes re-emerging, public health threats including acts of bioterrorism.


Since 2002, the health department receives funding specifically for improving disease surveillance, planning for public health-related emergencies, and coordinating response with local, state and national emergency planners.


To learn more about public health threats, please view any of the resources listed below. To reach the program, please call (231) 724-1292 or e-mail us.


Professional Resources


Planning & Training Resources

CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response Training

Resources for West & Central Michigan (Region 6)

MDHHS Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response

Michigan Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division (MSP)


Hotlines for Use by Health Care Professionals

Clinician Information Line 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System 1-800-822-7967


Public Resources


Planning and Preparedness Tools

Ready.gov – Get informed. Make a plan. Build a kit. Get involved.

Michigan Prepares – For individual and family emergency preparedness

CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response – Preparing for public health emergencies

Muskegon County Emergency Management


Volunteer Opportunities

Muskegon County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Muskegon County Medical Reserve Corps

Michigan Volunteer Registry


Hotlines for Public Use

CDC Public Response Service 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)


Fact Sheets



Anthrax (Español)

Botulism (Español)

Brucellosis (Español)

Cholera (Español)

E. coli O157:H7 (Español)


Hanta Virus (Español)

Lassa Fever

Nipah Virus (Español)

Plague (Español)

Q Fever (Español)

Ricin (Español)

Salmonella (Español)

SEB (Español)

Shigella (Español)

Smallpox (Español)

Tularemia (Español)

VEE (Español)

VHF (Español)


Abrin (Español)

Ammonia (Español)

Arsenic (Español)

Arsine (Español)

Benzene (Español)

Blister Agents (Español)

Carbon Monoxide

Chlorine (Español)


Ethylene Glycol (Español)

Hydrogen Cyanide (Español)

Hydrogen Fluoride (Español)

Lewisite (Español)

Nerve Agents


Phosgene Oxime (Español)

Riot Control (Español)

Sarin (Español)

Soman (Español)

Strychnine (Español)

T2 Mycotoxin (Español)

Tabun (Español)

Thallium (Español)

VX (Español)

White Phosphorus (Español)

Radiological & Nuclear      


Shelter in Place

Improvised Nuclear Devices

Radiological Dispersal Device

Potassium Iodide

Natural Disaster      

Flood Water Clean Up

Floods & Hand Hygiene

Power Outage: Food & Water

Safety After An Earthquake

Safety After A Tornado

Extreme Heat

Heat Exhaustion

Heat Stroke

Wildfire Smoke


Extreme Cold



Wind Chill

BSE EEE Foot and Mouth  


Isolation & Quarantine (Español)

Handwashing (Español)