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Open Burning



The Muskegon County Air Pollution Rules & Regulations (adopted 1967, amended 1973) were repealed by the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners January 13, 2011. Public Health - Muskegon County no longer issues burn permits. Michigan law regulates most open burning and many townships, villages, and cities also regulate open burning. Michigan requires a permit for some types of open burning and individual townships, villages, or cities may also require a permit.


Muskegon County Map of Michigan Laws Restricting Open Burning


Local Fire Departments

City of Montague - Montague Fire Authority (231) 893-3311
City of Muskegon Fire Department (231) 724-6792
City of Muskegon Heights Fire Department (231) 733-8890
City of North Muskegon Fire Department (231) 744-1766

City of Norton Shores Fire Department

(231) 798-2255
Fruitport Township Fire Department

(231) 865-6106 Airline Rd

(231) 773-9312 Black Creek Rd

Muskegon Township Fire Department

(231) 773-4316 S Walker Rd

(231) 744-4365 N Getty Rd

Blue Lake Township Fire Department (231) 894-5926
Casnovia Township Fire Department (231) 834-7066
Dalton Township Fire Department (231) 766-3277
Egelston Township Fire Department (231) 788-2254
Holton Township Fire Department (231) 821-2685
Montague Township - Montague Fire Authority (231) 893-3311
Ravenna Area Fire Department (231) 853-6196
White Lake Fire Authority (231) 893-6503
White River Township - Montague Fire Authority (231) 893-3311


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