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Housing Complaints

Periodically we receive housing complaints related to one or more of the following areas of concern: sanitary conditions, structural integrity, living situations, landlord  disputes, lead contamination, and mold.


In addition to state law requirements, most municipalities have a housing code protecting the health, safety, and welfare of their residents. Therefore, your first step in reporting a housing complaint should be to contact your municipality's housing inspections department. A local housing inspector may issue a citation for violation of an applicable housing code. Depending upon the nature and size of the problem, they may request our involvement to remedy the situation.


Rental Property Repair or Maintenance

If you are in dispute with your landlord over a repair or maintenance, we recommend that you read Tenants and Landlords: A Practical Guide. This booklet is designed to inform tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities in rental relationships.


Living Situations

If you have a living situation complaint, such as concern for the welfare of a child or senior, you should contact the Department of Human Services. They can be reached 24/7 by calling toll-free 855-444-3911.


Lead Contamination

Any home built before 1978 has the potential to have lead paint. When lead paint starts to deteriorate, or it is disturbed during home remodeling, it becomes a hazard. For additional information, visit our childhood lead poisoning prevention pages.



Mold is a common problem. The best way to control mold is to control moisture. To learn more about mold, testing, cleaning up, prevention, health affects, and laws that address mold, we recommend visiting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website at www.michigan.gov/mold.