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Communicable Disease Management

The Communicable Disease Management program:

     1.  Monitors communicable disease activity within the community.

     2.  Receives reports of all reportable diseases as required by Michigan law from physicians, hospitals, and


     3.  Investigates and implements measures to control communicable diseases and infections.

     4.  Provides information as related to disease transmission.


Public Health Tools for Health Care Providers

If you are a Muskegon County health care provider in need of reporting guidelines or forms, please click here.


Communicable Disease Reports

Communicable Disease Management Program Annual Report

Muskegon County Communicable Disease Reports - Quarterly Summary
Muskegon County Communicable Disease Reports - Yearly Trend

Michigan's Communicable Disease Rules Reporting Requirements

Michigan's Communicable Disease Rules


Communicable Disease Programs

Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Consultation

Tuberculosis Testing & Treatment


Other Useful Information

Report a Suspected Foodborne Illness

Food Service Sanitation