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Beginning in January 2016, ServSafe will be offered through MSU Extension. Click here for more information.



Food Manager Certification


Food Code Law: Food Establishments shall have at least one manager who has been certified though an ANSI-CFP certification. A knowledgeable person in charge must be on the premises during all operating hours. The person in charge may demonstrate knowledge by passing a test that is ANSI-CFP accredited. The MI Dept of Agriculture may require individuals to complete food safety training when there are repeated failures to correct a critical violation.

This law applies to:

  • Food Service Establishments – except mobile units, temporary events, special transitory food units, and vending machine locations;
  • Grocery stores with a deli and seating; and
  • Food service establishments that operate within a retail grocery.


For full details on the legal requirements, visit the following links:

Regulation No. 570 - Manager Certification (MDA)

Michigan Food Law section 289.2129

Manager Certification Myths and Facts

Manager Certification Rules to Take Effect (MDA Memo)

Manager Certification Rules Now Effective (MDA Memo)


For more information about food manager certification, including a list of other training choices, visit the Michigan Department of Agriculture website.